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This is a recap of studies and relevant articles on Fibromyalgia which were published during 2012 (formerly posted on our News around the Web page).

Working Memory Impairment in Fibromyalgia Patients Associated with Altered Frontoparietal Memory Network (PLoS One) A study conducted by Korean researchers using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to demonstrate differences in working memory between FM patients and healthy subjects.

“Cardiac autonomic impairment and chronotropic incompetence in fibromyalgia”
(da Cunha Ribeiro et al, Arthritis Research & Therapy 2011, 13:R190 doi:10.1186/ar3519) Research by a team of rheumatologists at University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine, Brazil, that found some patients with FM experienced various cardiac irregularities in response to exercise.

“Autonomic dysfunction in women with fibromyalgia” — an editorial in response to the article published by Ribeiro and colleagues in Arthritis Research & Therapy, supporting the finding of autonomic dysfunction at rest in FM patients.

Research on Fibromyalgia Skin Sensitivities (Fibromyalgia Network) Researchers provide answers about what might be causing itchy or burning sensations and other skin sensitivities frequently experienced in FM.

“Fibromyalgia: Misunderstood and Often Misdiagnosed” (AMERICAN NEWS Report) Results from a survey conducted by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) takes a “snapshot” of the current status of FM patients and uses information to launch a public education campaign, Living a Full Life with Fibro.

New Device Cuts Fibromyalgia Pain in Pilot Study (Family Practice News) Results from a small pilot study of FM patients who were treated with an investigational transcranial stimulation device designed to target a region deep in the brain linked to chronic pain.


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