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 Invites all public health and healthcare professionals, researchers and school nurses to:




A Sundance and GlobeDocs (Boston Globe) award-winning film now short-listed for an Oscar

“Riveting…equal parts medical mystery, science lesson, political advocacy primer and even a love story.” -- San Francisco Chronicle

  Opening remarks:  Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz

Post-film panel

Moderator: Kathleen Hassey, DNP, MEd, BSN, BA, RN, Dir. of Northeastern Univ. School Health Academy

Carilyn Rains M.Ed. BSN, RN, President of MA School Nurse Organization, Director of School Health Services, Plymouth
Lisa Hall, RN, head nurse at Northampton Integrative Medicine, treating ME/CFS 17 years
Ashley Haugen, Hampshire College alumna, ME/CFS advocate, caregiver for brother with ME/CFS, featured in the film UNREST
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What: The film UNREST sheds light on the hidden lives of 1-2.5 million Americans (28,000 in MA) disabled by ME/CFS, a chronic, debilitating, multi-system illness that affects the body's immune, neurologic, vascular, respiratory and energy production systems. (Film trailer here.)
When:  Thursday, May 31, 2018, at 5:30 - 8:15 pm. Doors open at 5 p.m. Light supper will be provided.
Where:  Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Main Entrance, Dakin Conference Room, 30 Locust St., Northampton, MA. Free parking. 
Who:  Limited to publilc health and healthcare professionals including school nurses, scientists and researchers. 

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About the film:  The UNREST film director was so severely affected by ME/CFS, she had to direct the movie mostly from bed. "Twenty-eight year-old Jennifer Brea is working on her PhD at Harvard and months away from marrying the love of her life when she gets a mysterious fever that leaves her bedridden and looking for answers. Disbelieved by doctors yet determined to live, she turns her camera on herself and discovers a hidden world of millions confined to their homes and bedrooms."

Recent media attention: Boston Globe, NPR's Here and Now, NPR's Science Friday, Cosmopolitan, Today Show, New York Times and much more



Panel Moderator: Kathleen Hassey, DNP, MEd, BSN, BA, RN, is Director of the Northeastern University School Health Academy (NEUSHA) and has devoted the last 17 of her 35 years as a Registered Nurse to the specialty of School Health, in roles that included direct care, administration, education and program development. From 2005-2015, Kathy was Director of the Northeastern University School Health Institute, which was partially funded by a grant from the MA Department of Public Health (DPH). She completed her Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Northeastern University in May 2018.

Carilyn Rains M.Ed, BSN, RN, is the Director of School Health Services/Plymouth Public Schools and President of the MA School Nurse Organization (MSNO). She has 20 years experience in the specialty practice of School Health Nursing, including 12 years working with adolescents in the high school setting. Prior to school nursing, she worked in the area of Women's Health for 15 years.

Lisa Hall, RN, is a healthcare professional who has worked with ME/CFS patients for 17 years. During that time, she has been the head nurse at Northampton Integrative Medicine, one of Massachusetts's largest clinics serving patients with chronic illness, such as ME. Lisa facilitates and coordinates care for patients. She speaks from the perspective of an ME/CFS health care provider.

Ashley Haugen is a Hampshire College alumna, with a BA in Medical Anthropology. She is a former EMT, an ME/CFS advocate and a caregiver for her brother who is bedridden with ME/CFS. Her father is world-renowned researcher Ronald W. Davis. Ashley and her family were featured in the Oscar shortlisted film UNREST. As Director of Events at the CFS Research Center at Stanford, Ashley is organizing an international ME/CFS symposium for Sept. '18.

Ronald W. Davis, PhD, joins us via a short video message. He is Professor of Biochemistry and Genetics at Stanford University; Director of the Stanford Genome Technology Center, and the CFS Research Center at Stanford University, and the Scientific Advisory Board of Open Medicine Foundation. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a world leader in genetics research and biotechnology development. His son is bedridden with ME/CFS.