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Pediatric Case Definition for CFS/CFIDS/ME
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Psychological Instruments Used In Assessment of ME/CFS

The definition provides a discussion and listing of instruments used to assess comorbid psychiatric conditions, sleep disturbance, and physical and psychological well-being.

Pediatric Health Questionnaires

Appendix A in the definition provides a copy of the Questionnaires which are helpful in diagnosing pediatric ME/CFS. "It is generally recommended that adolescents age 12 and over fill it out themselves, and parents can assist or fill it out for children under 11..." More than one person may fill out the questionnaires—child, parents, caregivers, etc. Some clinicians feel that both parents should fill out the forms, since the view of one parent may be limited. Research has also shown that the parents' perceptions of the illness may vary from those of the child.

2008 Revised Pediatric Definition

In 2008, "A Case Definition for Children with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" was published in Clinical Practice: Pediatrics 2008 1: 53-57. Most of the articles' authors were the same who wrote the 2006 definition.

This 2008 definition is the same as the 2006 definition, except for a few small revisions.

In the revised criteria, a separate category was established for those children and adolescents who met "almost all the criteria, and they were classified with the Moderate ME/CFS Clinical criteria. To meet this criteria, the patient has to meet four out of the five classic ME/CFS symptoms with frequency and severity ratings of moderate or severe...In addition, for autonomic, neuroendocrine, and immune manifestations, adolescents had to have at least one symptom in any of the 3 categories..."

The revised definition also set up some other subcategories for those with idiopathic chronic fatigue—see the 2006 definition. One subtype in this category is Atypical ME/CFS, which is defined "as 3 or more months of fatigue, but missing more than one classic ME/CFS symptoms...Another category involves Pediatric ME/CFS-like illness, which is defined at meeting all classic ME/CFS symptom criteria, except for the 3 month duration or when one is lacking a medical evaluation."

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