Help Fund ME CFS Research!

Did you know?

  • Federal funding for this illness is about $6 per patient per year. 
  • We can band together to increase funding. Small amounts add up and make a difference.
  • Successful pilot studies can lead to major funding.
  • Activists for breast cancer, Alzheimers, and autism have been successful in raising money and awareness – we can be too!

Our Association will add everyone’s contributions together, and send the pooled funds to one of three research foundations – you can help choose which one! (Look for the link to vote on the confirmation page after you have made your donation, or in the confirmation email that you receive.)

The top vote-getter will receive our pooled contributions on June 30, 2013. All money contributed in this campaign will be sent to the selected foundation to directly support ME/CFS research projects.

Thank you!!

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