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First, celebrate what you can do. Try to focus on the positives. Learn to laugh off things that go wrong. Humor is a great antidote. Learn to pace yourself. Build up a personal support network. Find a support group in your area. Empower yourself by educating yourself about your illness. Build a working partnership with your doctor.

Possible New Approaches

Dr. Richie Shoemaker feels that these illnesses are triggered by neurotoxins. He has developed a simple internet-based test called the visual contrast sensitivity test (VCS).

Because the optic nerve is very sensitive to the effects of neurotoxins, he uses the VCS to detect the presence of a neurotoxin. If the test is positive, he recommends treatment with cholestyramine, an older powdered medication that was used to treat high cholesterol. He contends that the powder binds to and excretes neurotoxins, reducing symptoms. You take the medication 4x/da for 2-3 weeks. The test is available at his website


Another approach from Dr. Shoemaker is to treat with actos (pioglitazone), a medication currently used to treat diabetes. The medication blocks tumor necrosis factor (TNF). By blocking TNF, you may reduce the severity of symptoms. Dr. Hubbuch has just started her first patient on this. She'll keep us posted on her progress. One caution, the drug is designed to lower blood sugar, so this needs to be closely monitored.

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