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Dr. Hubbuch asked the question we have all asked ourselveswhy do we get sick while others who experience the same events do not? She feels it is a complex total of many factors including health history, genetics, nutrition, positive and negative factors in life's development, etc. She likened the body to a kaleidoscope that is constantly shifting and changing. She cited research by Dr. Leo Galland in The Four Pillars of Healing. He has identified three factors that move individuals from health to illness: mediators that produce symptoms causing damage to the body, i.e., neurohormones, cytokines, neuropeptides, free radicals etc.; triggers that exacerbate previous illness i.e. infections, drugs, toxins, overuse syndrome etc.; and antecedents that are risk factors predisposing individuals to illness, i.e. prior history, genetics, age, nutrition etc. Physicians need to look at intervening at these multiple levels to move individuals back to an improved health status. Dr. Hubbuch wants to treat any irregularities with the goal of rebalancing homeostasis.

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